Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Why my Mexican grandparents were more "American" than Donald Trump (and his ilk).

Why my Mexican grandparents were more "American" than Donald Trump (and his ilk).

1) My grandparents lived and built their American dream. Unlike Trump, who inherited wealth and privilege, they knew the value of work beyond a line item. In a new land, they moved themselves from fieldworkers and seamstresses to business people and homeowners. They were pioneers who adapted to their new country with humility and optimism. 

2) My grandparents invested in people. They ensured that their children received a quality education and supported their extended family, community and church. When Trump talks about investment he refers only to a financial world of winners and losers. Bankruptcy and job loss are simply costs of doing business.  America fails to properly invest in its people at its great peril. 

3) My grandmothers were grateful for the opportunities this country provided them. Both became U.S. citizens at an advanced age. After they blessed us with “Dios Lo Bendiga”, they would add “God Bless America”. The staggering sense of entitlement and shortsightedness that pollutes our society is disgraceful and dangerous. Without a sense of our history of progress, gratitude for our good fortune, and sense of collective responsibility our society will slide into increasing fear and hopelessness. A powerful country overrun by fear is a recipe for tragedy of global proportions. 

Work hard, invest in people and be grateful.